Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Hagerstown MD's Liquid Art Show

Mark Angelo's Liquid Art Performance.

Liquid art feels like air bending but is more the science and art of liquid and air sculpting in the attempt to create beautiful art forms in the air. When the wind is still a liquid artist can actually paint and draw in mid-air with his wand and airborne medium. Sky painting is what I call it. It's fascinating, to say the least as the above video illustrates. Hagerstown Maryland gets a visit from Angelo and Marie's Fantastic Bubble show performed by your friendly neighborhood Baltimorean liquid, light and bubble artist.

It was a good day for The Art of Bubble Blowing at the private stately schoolyard in Hagerstown Maryland. Many young parents and children walked the grounds and were elated to stumble upon our liquid art bubble show. The wind was a steady 4-7 mph. A well-manicured lawn, BBQ and ice cream truck made for an ideal outdoor setting for our bubble show props. Admittedly the faculty appeared to have the most fun during this festive alumni reunion celebration. Our videographer, Brenda Marie did an exceptional job capturing the beautiful liquid formations in brilliant prismatic rainbow colors.

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