Wednesday, March 27, 2019

A Bubble World of Wonders at Garrison Forest School

While preparing for a photoshoot at Garrison Forest School I released scores of bubbles using our daisy wand. The mild wind blew the bubbles by the windows of a rather quaint pre-k schoolhouse on the campus of Garrison Forest School in Owings Mills, Maryland. 

It was late morning and classes were in session. As hundreds of bubbles took to the air the kids inside nearby classrooms began to notice one, two, three and then dozens of bubbles until a gentle stream led their popping eyes to our red bubble wagon on the green school house lawn. 

Our bubble wands were so colorful against the fall foliage that they practically played a lively tune. Seeing the little faces smiling and hands waving beckoned us to wave back. Well, they are all completely undone. Now that they connected to trio standing in the bubble Imaginarium outside their excitement could no longer be contained. 

In minutes long lines of children streamed in an orderly fashion out of the Garrison Forest schoolhouse full of giggles and snickers they encircled the bubble wagon anxiously waiting for the next performance. 'What next?' The answer is simple. Enter a bubble world of wonders at Garrison Forest School.\

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