Monday, May 7, 2018

The Fascinating Enchantment of Liquid Art Light Shows

Beautiful imagery at our private family Liduid Art Light Show at dusk in the park near 33rd and Charles Street in Baltimore. Performed by Angelo and Marie's liquid light and bubble artist Mark Angelo Askew.  My lovely wife is behind the camera. The star of the show is our charming little lady being put inside a bubble.

Liquid art may seem like a new concept in art exhibition but it is much like blown glass in liquid form. The craft of blowing, shaping and forming beautiful forms in glass is an art in and of itself.  Similarly, liquid art performers, making use of glycerine and gum base liquid combined with surfactants, to produce the perfect iridescent translucent liquid for airborne liquid sculpting. The luminescent wands in refracted light create an attractive ambiance while the iridescent hues on the surface of the formations make for an alluring nostalgic experience.

If that were not enough Mark crafted bubble wands that appear to be made of blown glass. These are actually designed from translucent clear vinyl tubing and colorful fiber optic strands. The enchanting-performance takes place from dusk to full nightfall when observers behold a mesmerizing floating art exhibit of surreal sky paintings and shimmering liquid sculpture formed in the glowing light of wands, under the moon and stars.

"We raise our Ring of Light wand to those in our community who tirelessly work hard for the common good of all. Thanks to you we stand more united and hopeful for the future of our children. Your selfless acts of kindness and compassion will not go unnoticed. You represent the human spirit at it's best, and we thank you for it. We adopt your example and pass it on."  - Mark Angelo Askew

Read more about how Angelo and Marie's Fantastic Bubble Show got its start and enjoy some breathtaking liquid art in the book "The Art of Bubble Blowing" written by Mark Angelo Askew and Brenda Marie Askew.

Looking for something fun to do at your next corporate, school or family reunion event? Angelo and Marie's Fantastic Bubble Show just might be available to make your day. 

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