Monday, May 7, 2018

Liquid Art Bubble Light Show At The Marriott In VA

Angelo and Marie's Fantastic Bubble Light Show at the Marriott in VA. Performed by Baltimore liquid artist Mark Angelo Askew and Brenda Marie Askew. What makes our bubble shows unique? It's not just a bubble show. Under low lights, it's a liquid art light show!

The parents and group leaders endured a long week of children's camp activities. They were evidently exhausted but kept carrying on. I was heartily welcomed and enjoyed the sensation that permeated the group long before our arrival and performance. The children remained engaged from start to finish, often jumping to their feet only to be told to take their seats. To their relief they shared in KIB, putting kids inside of bubbles. Once experiencing this for the first time their day was set and our job is done. We hope to be invited back for more liquid art surprises and a fascinating light show under low lights or even the starts

"I raise my Bright Star of Hope wand to the beauty of our diverse and multinational heritage. To those who tirelessly seek to work toward and sustain the common good of all. Thanks to you we stand together, more hopeful, united and secure in our future together."  - Mark Angelo Askew

Read more about how Angelo and Marie's Fantastic Bubble Show got its start and enjoy some breathtaking liquid art in the book "The Art of Bubble Blowing" written by Mark Angelo Askew and Brenda Marie Askew.

Looking for something fun to do at your next corporate, school or family reunion event? Angelo and Marie's Fantastic Bubble Show just might be available to make your day. Inquire about availability at 

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