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Friday, June 21, 2024

"Well, hello good neighbor! We're your friendly neighborhood bubble artists Angelo and Marie. What time is it? It's Bubble Show Time!" 

      Bubble Show Program

       1. Musical introduction – Meet our 8 colorful and festive bubble wands 
      2. Bubble Tricks – 10 awesome tricks
      3. Performance – Bubble Sky Painting
      4. Kid In a Bubble – Stand inside and explore a giant soap bubble
      5. Interactive Bubble Wand Workshop –  Decorate  your own bubble wand
      6. Bubble Blast Dance Party – 
      7. Enter Bubble Land – Explore the art of bubble blowing at interactive bubble stations

M E E T  T H E  B U B B L E   A R T I S T S

Mark Angelo Askew

Cofounder, Author and Bubble Artist

Mark Angelo, alumni of the Maryland Institute College of Art, has been introducing the awe and wonder of the art of bubble blowing since 2014. 

He is the creative designer of the festive bubble wands used during the show as well as the interactive bubble stations in Bubble Land. Angelo now tours the Pittsburgh Metropolitan area with his wife of 41 years, Marie. 

Brenda Marie Askew

Cofounder, Codirector and Bubble Artist 

Brenda Marie, alumni of BCCC, adds her choreography and codirecting talents to the edutainment program. 

Marie especially enjoys performing the musical tri-ring skypainting feature. She also loves sharing her craft table with attendees. Enjoy making personalized Bejeweled bubble wands with Marie and learn fun crafting techniques while attending the the bubble wand craft workshop. 



“The Places We've Entertained"

Penn Hills Library
"Summer Reading Kickoff"

Kindercare Centers

 Reginald F. Lewis Museum

B&O Railroad Museum

Afram Festival

Baltimore County Recreation and Parks

18 Maryland Free/Public Libraries 

Meriweather Post Pavilion

Johns Hopkins University

Maryland Zoo At Baltimore

       Summer Camps and Daycare Centers           

PGH Miller School
"Fun Day"

Pittsburgh Parks and Recreation 
"Sunmer Music Concerts"

Mt Airy Art Fest

Fields At RFK Stadium

Baltimore Book Festival

Brilliant Baltimore

Light City Baltimore

Inner Harbor Events

Baltimore Recreation and Parks

Maryland Institute College of Art

Maryland Public and Private School



Angelo and Marie's Fantastic

Bubble Show in Bubble Land

Cost Per Show

$499 Per 1 Hour Show 
Each show is engaging, interactive and aproximately 1 hour in duration for audiences up to 100. Includes use of 5 bubble play stations. Free Bubble solution refills. Bubble blowing workshop. Over 40 bubble wands of varied sizes. Book up to 3 consecutive shows per day. Click the "Book Now" cart button below.



$100 Per Event
First please inquire of our availability to perform on the date of your event using the form below. After we have replied and confirmed availability you may proceed to booking to reserve the confirmed date by submitting a minimum deposit of $100.  Click the "Book Now" cart button below to secure your deposit.


C O N T A C T   U S

(Not available for religious, partisan civic events or holidays.)

Before booking your event on this page
please contact us to determine our availability on the dates of your event.


Add the following information to your message:

Event Theme:
Desired start and end times:
(Shows start no earlier than 1 PM and are one hour in duration.)
Number of bubble shows on each given date:
Once we confirm availability you may send a deposit using the deposit feature above.

Send Message

The Art of 
Bubble Blowing 
Since 2014

Whether it’s on the grassy lawns during a lazy school day break, at a community festival, or on a theater stage before a great audience, Angelo and Marie’s Fantastic Bubble Show has been fascinating young and old for over 14 years while on East Coast tour from Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland, and West Virginia. Enjoy Angelo and Marie’s creatively imagineered festive “Bubble Land” bubble stations, sky painting, bubble sculpting, arts and crafts, and amazing bubble tricks that have been captivating audiences from all walks of life.


“We really enjoyed you a lot today.
We would love to include you in one of our
community or family day events in the future.”
Terry Taylor
Reginald F. Lewis Museum


“Thanks so much for yesterday! The kiddos definitely
had a lot of fun with the bubbles!”
Kelly Trice
Michele’s Granola


“I’m so happy to see you Angelo & Marie!!!
I couldn’t stop smiling the whole time I watched!”
Denise Rohr Laird
Carroll County Libraries