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Saturday, February 3, 2018

A Wonderful Art Event Straight 'From the Heart'

Opening night of Ania Milo Swann's 'From the Heart' art exhibit was a raving success! The halls swelled with guests and visitors who gazed, chatted and enjoyed the local entertainment.

Ania's canvas painting work is phenomenal. Beautiful abstracts featuring texture and layering application techniques reminiscent of Jackson Pollock. But hers is a very personal statement of life's transitions that echo from her core to the canvas. Who is this person within? No need to guess. She is an artist, poet, and healer of the mind and heart. 

In addition, there are the works of 10 other artists beautifully displayed on the second tier of the gallery.
The best part of the exhibit is that it is ongoing for the full month of February 2018 at the beautiful Skylofts Gallery on Bank Street in Baltimore.

Our 'Art of Blowing Bubbles' was also on exhibit. Live Art in Motion in the form of a beautiful bubble sculpting performance in midair. We even put kids inside bubbles. We thank Ania Milo Swann and her husband Steve for having us. Catch up with them at the Skylofts and see more of Anias work at her online solo painting gallery at and sign up for an artistic excursion, Date with Paint.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

The Delicate Art of Bubble Blowing

B u b b l e   A r t   I n   M o t i o n 



T h e  A r t  o f   B l o w i n g  B u b b l e s 

Angelo designed an original three-ring wand and his special bubble solution 
recipe and combined his original theme song composition to produce
this beautiful and relaxing art in motion music video.

A b o u t   U s

Our Mission:  To put a smile on the face of each child and
plant a seed of joy and hope in the heart.
To rekindle the innocence and wonder of childhood 
in adults and teens alike.

Objective: Help us purchase a $350,000 theater
featuring live bubble shows, puppet shows and movie.
 The theater will seat 300 attendees at a time. 
There will be hands-on walk-thru tours throughout the day
 featuring fascinating colorful 
bubble blowing inventions and science displays

The Art of Bubble Blowing
By Mark Angelo Askew


We are The Happiness Makers. Fund our cause  


Friday, December 4, 2015

How To Plan A Bubble Festival

So you want to plan a bubble festival. You may be eligible for a grant by the local municipality. This is a partial list for those planning group bubbling events. 

Bubble Event Location

Locate a spot that will allow plenty of parking and space for bubblers without bumping into each other.
Consider climate, weather, elevation, ground materials, overhead obstacles like tree limbs, local construction, private homes, commercial buildings and electric lines and such. Open space is the best space.

Insurance Policy and Permits

Get them well in advance

Sales License and Permit

If you're selling anything you'll need this.

Grant Use

If the grant policy permits use part of the grant funds for insurance, licenses and permits. For more information regarding grants for bubble festivals go to

Bubble Juice

I use non-allergenic ingredients and steam distilled water.
May I suggest that you make your bubble juice well in advance. Juice can hold up for weeks, some say months depending on the ingredients. I make my juice within 7 days before the event. Test it two days after juicing and the day before the event.  


Regarding setup, Mike Millers giant bubble party videos are very helpful...


Your target audience is kids. Parents are a plus and seniors love bubbles too. That said focus on parties, daycare centers, nursing homes, other festival venues, science centers and such.

Marketing Material

Send out materials such as flyers, email and web based invitations across social networks well in advance. Make a press release and post in community papers and mags.Send out bi-weekly countdown notices via website and social networks.. 

Event Management

Assign someone to oversee safety, quality control and accident prevention
Assign someone to an information table
Assign someone to a welcome table
Assign someone to do bubbling demonstrations
Assign someone to games and activities
Be very inclusive, welcoming and give plenty of commendation.

Games and Record Breaker Activities

Consider games that don't require a lot of running as juice gets very slippery on the ground.
Feature bubble size and number of bubbles record breakers


Demonstrate how to hold the wand and make bubbles. The best way to demonstrate is to do some bubbling yourself using a variety of wands. 


Background music is nice but keep it light, and be discreet regarding titles.


Make sure you have someone take quality pictures and video of the event. Be prepared to provide a brief interview with the local news and radio stations.

For more info regarding getting started you'll find some helpful info on the soap bubble wiki at

Supplies and Materials

Supplies vary depending on the details of your performance, activities, presentations, theme, etc.
If you're looking for a great place to purchase supplies go to the Bubble Show Store.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Bubbles of Joy

The message in the art of blowing bubbles is so powerful no
words and explanations are required.  

What holds an audience captive by making them remember an almost forgotten childhood innocence and joy while leaving them spellbound and smiling all the way back home.  

We've listed videos posted on Youtube that seem to do just that and we dare you not to smile.


About The Author

Last summer, while throwing an entertaining bubble show for Baltimore city kids in the park, I remember spotting a gentleman driving by in a huge red Mack truck. He suddenly stopped in the middle of the road to gaze at the unusually large and colorful glistening bubbles floating high above our heads. He said he was blocks away and had to turn back around to see this spectacle. I knew he got the message and his day was made a little bit brighter.

Nothing thrills me more than to see the looks on adult's faces as they behold sparkling rainbow colored bubbles floating by with an unspoken message of unity, peace, joy, hope and most of all that silly feeling of sweet innocent glee they may not have felt sense they were little kids. 

Want to brighten your friends day? Send the "No Smiles Allowed Stare Dare Challenge" their way.

- Mark Angelo Askew

9 Fun Bubble Shows
Spreading the charm of bubble blowing
 in Charm City, Baltimore

My bubble show music videos, First Stop.
The lawns of Johns Hopkins University
- John Hopkins at Eastern

Baltimore, Maryland.

Share the joy and find out more about spreading the unspoken message of peace, hope and the love of innocence through the Art of Blowing Bubbles at