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Saturday, February 3, 2018

A Wonderful Art Event Straight 'From the Heart'

Opening night of Ania Milo Swann's 'From the Heart' art exhibit was a raving success! The halls swelled with guests and visitors who gazed, chatted and enjoyed the local entertainment.

Ania's canvas painting work is phenomenal. Beautiful abstracts featuring texture and layering application techniques reminiscent of Jackson Pollock. But hers is a very personal statement of life's transitions that echo from her core to the canvas. Who is this person within? No need to guess. She is an artist, poet, and healer of the mind and heart. 

In addition, there are the works of 10 other artists beautifully displayed on the second tier of the gallery.
The best part of the exhibit is that it is ongoing for the full month of February 2018 at the beautiful Skylofts Gallery on Bank Street in Baltimore.

Our 'Art of Blowing Bubbles' was also on exhibit. Live Art in Motion in the form of a beautiful bubble sculpting performance in midair. We even put kids inside bubbles. We thank Ania Milo Swann and her husband Steve for having us. Catch up with them at the Skylofts and see more of Anias work at her online solo painting gallery at and sign up for an artistic excursion, Date with Paint.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Book Release: The Art of Bubble Blowing

What Is Stunning?

What Is Pure Living Art?

What Is Addictive?

What Is Truly Magical?

Why Do Spectators Call It Beautiful?

What Never Gets Old?


Finally, someone wrote an intuitive, insightful and revealing book about the art of bubble blowing. An essay about the magic, addiction, and beauty of the visual art and performance art of bubble craft. 

The Art of Bubble Blowing: A Bubble Blowing Picture Gallery and Performance Tutorial 

Learn how to blow huge, breathtaking, beautiful bubbles. Make fantastic bubble wands, bubble juice and fascinating tricks with this inspiring pictorial guide to bubble blowing. The Art of Bubble Blowing features stories, a bubble art gallery, bubble wand crafts and bubble blowing tutorial, complete with activity ideas, bubble recipes, and recommended bubble wands and solution. 

The Art of Bubble Blowing

It's not an illusion. It's not slight of hand. It is a magical natural phenomenon
that is miraculous.
So it has been written. So it shall be done.
Writing, illustrations, and photography by Mark and Brenda Askew.

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